Complete line of Topicals

Are you looking to take advantage of the wonderful properties of CBD? Try our CBD Infused Topicals! We will provide you with the right topical for your specific needs. Our huge selection of cannabis infused topicals includes cannabis creams, cannabis oils, cannabis lotions, cannabis relief balms, bath bombs and so much more! Check out our huge selection of cannabis infused topicals that matches any other recreational dispensary on Vancouver Island!

CBD Concentrate Rubs

The topical’s are made from infusing high-quality cannabis flower extrracts and quality oil—CBD ointment is a safe, convenient-to-use topical agent that can be applied directly to almost any area of the body to relieve multiple problems like inflammation, soreness, and irritated skin. When applied topically to the skin it doesn’t create the “euphoric” effects that cannabis ingestion does via smoking or eating edibles.

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We strive to create a healthy and vibrant boutique experience by providing a natural and holistic alternative for healing and pain relief.